Withered to Restored – Mark 3:1-6

Read Mark 3:16.

How might we, like the scribes, turn the instructions/commandments of God into a rival god? How is that really putting trust in your self rather than in the Lord?

Have you grasped that Jesus on the cross was taking upon himself that which you are most ashamed of about your body, your history and/or your heart? If you were to make a peice of art to depict what that looks like what colors, materials, etc. would you use?

Jesus and man with withered handDo you have a sense for how your day to day life is a way of making God known in the world (being a “fully functioning hand”)? Does that help you understand what it means to be an image-bearer? Explain.

Read Ezekiel 37:1-14. Is the theme of dry/withered (same word) being used in a similar way as Mark 3:16? Is the answer to that problem being addressed in the same way? For further background study see Isaiah 56.

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