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Application Guidelines for Missions Support

Application Form

Are you planning to petition Crossroads church for support for your missionary outreach? Here are some guidelines:

  • The ministry for which support is requested must align with the goals of Crossroads Presbyterian Church as stated in the church’s mission statement.
  • The applicant must be either A. a member of Crossroads Presbyterian Church, or  B. have a personal connection with a member of Crossroads. That Crossroads member must be willing to write a letter of recommendation for the support of your ministry. Please include that letter of recommendation with your application for support. Priority consideration will be given to members of Crossroads Presbyterian Church.
  • Requests for financial support must include a proposed budget for the applicant’s ministry.
  • If the Missions Committee of Crossroads votes to approve the applicant’s request for financial support, a follow-up report must be given to the committee within six months of that approval. This report must include the following:
    • Details regarding the progress of any further fundraising efforts
    • Current ministry needs, goals, and plan
    • Any foreseeable future changes in the goal of the ministry’s focus or outreach efforts.
    • The names and background information of any other team members that may have joined the ministry since financial support was initially granted.
  • A member of the Crossroads Mission Committee will meet with the applicant in person or via electronic means to discuss any questions regarding the application.
  • Monthly communication with Crossroad’s sponsor is required (email, newsletter, etc.). Communication should include prayer needs as well as praise reports. This will enable your sponsor to keep the congregation informed and praying more effectively.
  • Crossroads reviews mission support in yearly or shorter increments. The applicant will be informed of the foreseeable duration of support when approved, and contacted by a member of the missions committee at least one month prior to the re-application or renewal deadline.
  • Approval or denial of an initial application does not guarantee approval or denial of a subsequent application.
  • If the applicant’s mission is cancelled after support has been granted, the applicant must inform a member of the Missions Committee immediately so that we may re-allocate those previously awarded funds to other missions.

Failure to follow these guidelines may result in the discontinuance of financial support.

There are two categories for financial support — Monthly support (missionaries/ministries); and One-time gift (short-term mission trips Applications that fall into the “Monthly Support” category must be received by September 1st of each year.
Our Commitment to You ***If for any reason Crossroads must change the dollar amount of support previously granted, or discontinue support altogether, Crossroads Mission Committee will inform the ministry or individual of the change no less than two months prior to it taking effect.***


Crossroads is blessed by the opportunity to support the following missionaries:

  • CareNet Pregnancy Resource Centers (Contact Person: Sheri Bailey) – ministry to individuals and couples facing unplanned pregnancies
  • Tun Tavern Fellowship (Contact Persons: Mike and Michelle West) – ministry to Marines, their spouses and families
  • Young Life (Contact Person: Ty Kosa) – ministry to teens through local high schools

Reciprocating Mission Partnership with German and Russian Churches

In Acts 11:19-30 Christians from different contexts mutually supported one another. Along those lines, in 2014, Crossroads began to partner with German and Russian evangelical churches in order to mutually support each other. Crossroads sent a team to join the Germans in Rostov, Russia in 2014 and followed that in 2015 with sending another team to join the Russians in Gera, Germany. Next, we look forward in excitement to 2019 when we as American Christians will welcome our family from Germany and Russia, who will come to serve and learn among us also.

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