Prayer Focus for Comoros – Sunday, December 6

comorosComoros, Africa: There are severe restrictions on Christians. Evangelism is forbidden, and those who convert to Christianity can expect severe reprisals from the community and from their own family. Harassment and persecution have risen in frequency and intensity in recent years. Pray for courage for those choosing to follow Jesus, and wisdom for all who must walk out their faith in this hostile atmosphere. Comorian believers are gradually increasing in number, although the majority of believers are Réunionese, Malagasy and French. Each Comorian believer faces a difficult path fraught with likely opposition, and yet the body of Christ grows. Pray that leaders may be raised up for the increasing groups gathering for fellowship, and pray for the people and resources to train and disciple them. Response to the gospel is greater on Anjouan than on the other islands. For more information go to

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