Prayer Focus for Portugal – Sunday, May 25

Portugal, Europe: Pray for:

a) The seven northern and northeastern provinces, which are strongly traditional Catholic; relatively few evangelical churches exist. Brethren, Baptists, AoG, GEM, TEAM, ECM, Missão Antioquia and several other missions all have church-planting programmes in the area.

b) Ethnic minorities. Large numbers of immigrants continue to flow into Portugal. The earlier waves of Portuguese-speaking West Africans and Brazilians are joined by Chinese, Macanese and Eastern Europeans – especially Ukrainians, who now comprise Portugal’s second-largest community. Many of these are unevangelized but open to the gospel; pray for the churches (both Portuguese and foreign) to gain a vision to reach them.

Young people are often spiritually neglected.

a) Drug abuse is a growing problem – over 50% have experimented with drugs. Teen Challenge, Betel-Spain as well as TEAM and ECM have ministries rehabilitating and discipling addicts.

b) Student work is still in a pioneer stage. GBUP(IFES) has a ministry in eight universities and some high schools. CCCI (Agape) and Navigators also have ministries on several campuses.



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