Prayer Focus for Togo – Sunday, March 1


Answer to Prayer

Christianity, particularly evangelical and Pentecostal, has grown rapidly since 1990. Evangelicals increased sevenfold from 1990 to 2010, growing from 2.7% to 10.7%. Praise God for the multiplication of Pentecostal and charismatic movements, fuelled by the Holy Spirit and largely driven by West African pastors and evangelists.

Challenge for Prayer

The less-evangelized peoples of Togo. Togo and Benin have long had the highest percentage of unevangelized traditionalists in Africa. The major challenges:

a) The 13 majority-Muslim peoples – the Kotokoli (SIM, Baptists, hundreds of believers), Anufo (YWAM, ABWE, a few believers), Akaselem (AoG, handful of believers), Ditammari, Bariba, Bago, Dagomba, Bissa, Akpe as well as the more dispersed Arabs, Hausa, Yoruba, Kambole and Fulbe (Baptists).

b) The northern traditional animistic peoples – the Moba, Bassari, Nawdm (AoG, Baptists, Deeper Life), Gurma, Lama, Gangam, Karaboro, Mossi (AoG), Logba and Waama. Pray for these pioneering efforts to see breakthroughs for the gospel.

c) The southern traditional animistic peoples – the Watchi, Adja, Akebu, Adele, Anyanga and Kpessi.

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